Free Websites My Free.Enterprises Website. This .Enterprises Websites Free Videos, Free Photos, Free World News And Entertainment Online Coming. I can not begin to explain how many problems and dangerous situations I have ran into in my time back in the usa. It is scary. The more recent attack was in late March of 2017. While at Apple Bee's in Fort Worth Texas I was attacked. Someone saw me robbed and attacked and called the police. The Fort Worth Police called the Ambulance. I was knocked out and found face down in the parking lot after a trip to get some steaks for my family at Apple Bee's restaurant near Ridgmar Mall. I woke at JPS Hospital and took an uber back home. The sad part of it all is now I have a ambulance bill and hospital bill as well as the money taken from the robbery. I would like to thank the person that saw me being attacked outside Apple Bee's in Fort Worth and called the police. I have no idea what would have happened had I been left out there.

       Across from the Irving Mall I was kidnapped by being knocked in the head and put into a car by a couple. The couple took me out a distance and robbed me at gunpoint. After they robbed me and beat me the man shot at me a couple times trying to kill me but I rolled out of the line of fire. I was found by a Police Officer while I was running and walking down the road unsure where I was. I thank that female officer for bringing me back to the place in Irvin I was staying at then.

    This is only a small part of what has happened to me while in Texas but be careful if you are a woman alone walking to a car or out even in a parking lot with other people around. Robbery and Murders happen in Texas more often than you read about on the news. So many scary things going on in this country. I wish I could get out of the usa and head back to Europe where life is safe but I am in a mess now with so much lost and so much going on. I fear this country will be the death of me.

Hilary Leigh




All my many websites have been sent over to here. I had trouble with websites being taken down by Hostgator the website hosting company I was using for years for my free websites. I will repair and fix websites when I am able but I have to repair and fix my life first. I have always worked so hard and so much yet never end up with anything for myself. I am so tired of being used and being scammed and dealing with people in life. I have for so many years tried to find places to escape and hide. Every since I lost Zola it seems all I have been doing is trying to escape life. At least in Europe it was safe to hide in woods, forests, on oceans etc. In the usa it is not even safe to be at lakes, rivers, backwoods etc. I will later talk of the scary events of Coldspring Texas *South Texas About An Hour North Of Houston Texas*